Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cosmic Cruise

In the frozen misty dawn, wandering like a nomad
Seeking peace and escape, but from what
She knew not, neither the why nor the how
Only sure she had to, or later or now

Fly as hard as she might, as often she could
Down she came tumbling
To drab routines; she continued
Her reveries of cosmic cruising

One evening, the dream went lucid and stark
With family, friends, inside a veritable human Noah’s ark
Space borne they were, traveling at light’s speed
Faster than any craft could proceed

All their needs, all but wished to reality
Wildest of dreams come true
Passing distant celestial bodies casually
Ducking debris in the cosmic hue

Vast emptiness, with stars ‘n holes ever distant
To the edge of the Milky Way they soar
100k years hence, billions of galaxies loom in the distance
Evolution kept pressing on myriad progenies thus far

Language devolved, with no end in sight
Faces flattened, limbs lean, heads pumpkin-like
Earlobes dangling, chins extended, toes upright
Elbows doubling, fingers snake-like

A billion years on, no way back
Cosmic flares, more holes eased past them
Eyes now slits, noses grotesque, slack
Grunts, screams, laughter, mayhem

Nothingness unfolds, cosmic dust doth hiss
‘Twixt bizarre celestial bodies, that Hubble would miss
A million auroras beckoned them to the unknown
Love and hate scattering into evolution’s sojourn

Still no end in sight, as eons flew
Into strange creatures they had now evolved
Knowing no more of the cosmic brew
Than when the vision commenced

Strange were the bodies, floating on plasma and gases
Just as distant from them as seen from earth
As light reaching earthlings speaks of realities
Heralded billions of years past, but now only mirage

Yearning they did, for what they knew not
It had to be different, better, earth’s memories now gone
The vastness of their surround, an unfathomable blot
Elbahcuotnu elbahcaernu, tnecifingam, enola!

Quick visit to Earth, now a sordid desert ball
Rotating as always, lifeless not a dot of blue or green
Swiftly turned back, resuming the cosmic trawl
Was it Man or comet, that smashed Earth to smithereens?

Lucid dreams gave way to a jolting awakening
Like mad she ran, toward her loved ones
Hugging, kissing, crying, laughing, sobbing
Rejoicing, celebrating love that trumped cosmic puns

Wondering if the cruise was worthy of the love she now felt
Pondering too if perchance earthiness, authenticity
And the quest to make of what she had, the best
To share, respect and love, would trump fantasy

Impossible dreams of a vastness that will forever
Elude humans, save for egos, like riding unbroken horses
Trivial in face of such majesty’s infinite immensity
Conceding human ignorance entails humility

Rejoicing earthly bedlam, realities, joys, pains
Submitting to truths, for love, as peace sways
Dumping conceit, selfish whims, craving a tranquil humanity
Respect, cherish, protect nature’s treasures, oozing modesty

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©Alwi Shatry, All Rights Reserved, July 22, 2017


  1. I liked the third stanza from the last the best about whether the cruise was worth the love she felt. Perhaps the cruise allowed the love to be realized.

    1. True, Frank and thanks for visiting. Was toying with the idea of love vs the Universe. The vastness of the latter will forever elude us, but the power of love?

  2. That is some cruise ~ For me, the unknown destination can be an endless adventure ~ Very creative writing ~

    1. Thank you Grace, Space travel has always fascinated me. But with my innocence gone, I realize that galactic ships, warfare, bizarre aliens and the like may be little more than our imagination given free reign. I will stick with love, lol.

  3. I like the thought of the cruise bringing out the love.

    1. Thank you Toni. Like they say, to the ends of the world in search of love...

  4. Quite an exciting journey and quest for love. Groovin' to the space travel theme!

  5. Thank you for your comment Mother Wintermoon.

  6. I really enjoyed how you elaborated the evolution of the space crew as they evolved into virtually another species during their endless journey. My favorite line was this

    "Nothingness unfolds, cosmic dust doth hiss
    ‘Twixt bizarre celestial bodies, that Hubble would miss"

    An engaging read, very nice!

    Renee Verona -

  7. I most like the stanza about riding unbroken horses......that's about how we humans have approached life on earth. An interesting read.

  8. Amazing and powerful journey! Thank you for taking me along.