Wednesday, January 9, 2019

True Lies, Fake Truths

Telling it as reality dares speak
Never as fancied
Knowing with poise, not cocky certainty
Reality predated the bang
Core Truth; half-truths ne’er are truths
Half-lies equal soiled facts; revolting untruths
Concocted, invented, rehashed
twisted, tampered, fabricated
But highly coveted as iniquity’s chaperon
Mountains of lies crumbling
Assailable, brittle, profane

Power of Truth
Lacerated, incised, raped by Truth of Power
As a surgical scalpel blade
Slits through tissues, leaving them loosened
Vessels un-ligated, bleeding freely
Essence hemorrhaging away
Brains frozen solid, hearts halted

Prophets of truth, heroes reviled
Made villains with gusto
By their horrid masters
Turned puppets on firm wires
While slayers of truth
Now dazzling stars, ruling by tweets
How can they lie to us
Without first deceiving themselves?

Hailed by disciples, whose torments
Mask prescribed joys, vainly hoping
Lies dare deliver them, set them free
Like caged birds, singing in cruel custody
Stuck in grimes of immorality
Thronged in gutters of depravity

Notions now fact, views peddled as truth
Fact now gone, absent, mute, through
New stories, ever so gory
Cooked by them, shielded by fake glory
Fake heroes, forged stories, masters deified by slaves
Killers fawned by their cadavers
Groveling now coveted, etched in vacant stares

Truth’s cutting edge
Blunted by sledge hammer of lies
Truth undone, outrun, outgunned
Always outmanned
Ne’er outdone, nor half-done
Always tall, never too small
Sturdy, indelible truth
Even when veiled by lies
Truths so remain, so endure

War now “peace”, deaths the boon
En masse for the wretched,
Despair atop gloom
Damnation now salvation
Occupation now redemption
Killing now fulfilling
Ruin now face-lifting
Bondage now “freedom”
For lies spewed, by killers of truth
Liars now rule, truth fully feigned
While truthers stay wholly reigned

Dispatching beings to their deaths
With their arsenals of lies
And driving survivors into exile
Seeking shelter from torment
In tormentors' lands
Rebuffed by their aggressors
Lying morons, moronic thieves

Choices subverted
Trump lies, Clinton truths
Clinton lies Russian truths, Russian lies, press truths
Press lies, alien truths
Buried truths, occult truths
Beneath debris of lies
Avowed, worshiped by satanic cults
In grotesque temples of guile

Truth tellers, truth seekers
Whistle blowers, candid messengers
Now outcasts, harassed, ranted, pilloried
Now confined, caged, like captive birds, all exits bolted
No tunnel ends lit with justice
In distant lands, homes thrown to despair
Souls tortured, little hope for repair
Visions dispersed, still seeds entrapped
Embassy grounds, diplomatic crap
Murder and mutilation traps

Lie tellers, home ‘n free
Rulers by force, murdering at will
Go unchecked, go unhinged
Systemic rot, like bananas
Shelved for eternity, like excrement
Beckoning flies
Piles upon piles of boundless lies

Mutate, distort, bend, disfigure
Minds to contort, souls to re-configure
Reality to distort, hell on trigger
Truths to swat, like pesky flies
Dollars to devour, whims to fabricate
Lives to end, in piles ‘n heaps

Masters of lies
Favored elites
Presidents effete
Trampling their serfs
With promises to bleat
Ever so sweet
That fast turn obsolete
Wallets replete
Souls but vacant suites

Blood to spill, oceans of red
With smiles ‘n thrills, tsunamis of deceits
Volcanoes of blood, souls lifeless ‘n still
Cruelty in vogue
Atrocities from holy rogues
Demons in flesh, devils at the switch
Flesh on fire, Evil for hire
Wholly for Empire
Lies perched on the tip
Of Truth’s submerged iceberg
Stoic, sturdy, durable, unmovable
Enduring, lasting, reality immutable
To liars unfathomable
As truth’s vessels forcefully emptied
Whose contents ne’er take flight
Lingering seeds spawn more truths
Reality predates the bang

©Alwi Shatry
Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
December, 2018

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