Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Benevolent Tyrant?

What’s with you, dear Time?
Gauging all in this soul of mine

What’s with you, bully Time?
Give me pause to rise and shine

What’s with you? Like some cage
Minding the sun to make me age

Thy tyranny is sheer dread
Without thee no life nor death

No sunset no sunrise
No blossoms nor tides

Earth would fester, earth would freeze
No leaves to dance in the breeze

When will you stand still
‘N let me soak love until

Filled with warmth, abounding joy?
Why endow me with passion ‘n keep me buoyed?

Then kill the feelings with passing whiles
Exhausting strength, thirsting more time

Big Bang’s the felon
Time’s the outcome

Since then, Universe in motion
Life ebbs and flows in sweet commotion

For all life time cruelly consumes
While renewal to splendidly resume

How can I love yours truly
Knowing even love’s eternity

Will close, infinity to deny?
Mercy of the clock, humans decry!

Oh Time, when can I gaze while standing
Life to hold still, for an instant’s passing?

To suck in beauty love and art
Without fear that all will depart

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©Alwi Shatry, All Rights Reserved


  1. Sometimes time can crush the best of us, sometimes it's what saves us from being left alone... like a river constantly flowing.

    1. An apt metaphor...like a river constantly flowing. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I enjoyed the juxtaposition here - time gives and takes away. Unstoppable!

  3. Time feels like both a blessing and a curse. Best to praise it as a blessing.

    1. Thank you Frank for the timely suggestion (no pun intended). And thank you kindly for visiting. Always a pleasure to read your thoughts.

  4. Time is both a blessing and curse, ha ~ Enjoyed your rhyming verses ~ Happy weekend ~

  5. "Big Bang’s the felon
    Time’s the outcome"

    I want to run away and elope with these lines. Love that you ask the question we all ask at some point, only to meditate zenlike over some of the answers. Lovely work.

    1. Thank you. Appreciate your review and compliment.


  6. Ah, we invent the clock, then enslave ourselves to it! How did that happen? Nice poem, good rhymes

    1. Very true, Erbiage and aptly put: we invent and let the inventions enslave us.

  7. oh this resonates.