Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fading Substance

Show them, hold them ransom
To thy conceit, craving gapes, wild applause
To feed thy vanity absent which leaves thee bare

Replete with faux auras, hankering for more
All style, substance fading
Vacant shells roll on clonking, hollow

Growing emptiness, insatiably
High on self, low on all else
Fueling manic growth of voids

Inner tears roll on concealed
Streaking the soul’s cheeks
Grief belied by lionizing fans

Whose own vacuums solicit thy refills
All the while, substance goes begging
Craving fusion with thy essence

Lending meat to weary bones of self
Opening eyes, hitherto blinded
By venomous pride, walls of exclusion

Crumbling, at the mercy of thy pride’s chisel
Fecklessly claiming, the soul’s attention
Pride now vital, an existential must

Love not spared the ravages of pride
Now turned outside in
Ne’er inside out, for beloveds

To exult over thy highest blessing
Filling life with hunks of meaning
For joys to be soulful

And souls to be joyful
Melting away the gloom
Of Vanity’s seasons of toxic harvest

©Alwi Shatry, September 7, 2017

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Stalk Talk

Pleasure in stalking
Man, for killing character
Beast, killing merrily for fun

Stalkers patiently
Wait for unsuspecting prey
To pounce, trash, kill then snigger


©Alwi Shatry September 7, 2017